Pulwama Terror Attack: Misuse of Virtual SIM

Pulwama Terror Attack
Pulwama Terror Attack

On February 14, 2019, A terrorist attacked the convoy of vehicles carrying security personnel on the Jammu & Kashmir Highway using the RDX, which took lives of more than 40 security personnel. As per a recent report quoting officials, the officials identified the Suicide Bomber as Adil Ahmed Dar from Kakapora was using Virtual SIM to coordinate in Pulwama. In this whole scenario, as quoted by the Government Officials, the attacker was continually communicating with the Jaish-e-Mohammad across the border using a virtual SIM card. When professionals did the after-research, the fact aroused that the mobile number used by the Pulwama Bomber was found to be prefixed with MSISDN “+1” that is used with numbers of United States. As a result, no one was able to track the activity of the bomber, and this tragic attack occurred, and 40 CRPF personnel got martyred, and many left wounded.

What is a Virtual SIM and How it works?

As everyone knows what a SIM card is, a Virtual SIM is just the same thing without the dedicated hardware chip that you usually insert in the mobile phones to connect to the network. With the help of this technology, users don’t require a dedicated card for connecting to the networks. Instead, the Internal memory of the device is used to store the user data, and the carrier itself handles the security work. , and all the user data is aired to the users via Radio Channels. The process for using a Virtual card is quite simple, as the user needs to download the Service Provider’s app in the smartphone and the user is requested to go through a verification process via the app itself.

As a standard SIM card, Virtual SIM also provides network according to the network plans and allows users to receive and make calls on local mobile numbers from over 50 countries. The number of the Virtual SIM cards one can own is not limited by most of the Service Providers till now.

After the deadly Pulwama Attack, the security agencies will now be tracking all the activities and the IP addresses of the Virtual SIMs.

About Pulwama Terror Attack

On 14 February 2019, when the whole world was celebrating the day of love, India was despairing and mournful. The Pulwama attack was one of the most disastrous terror attacks of all time that happened in Jammu and Kashmir which took lives of 40 personnel of Central Reserve Police Force, CRPF. The Pulwama attack was conducted by Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammed in which a car fully armed with over 100 Kg of explosives rammed into the Army convoy which was heading to its base via the Jammu Srinagar National Highway.


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