PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0 brings the exciting features


PUBG Mobile was taken offline from its servers to roll out an update which is PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0 from 1 AM – 4 AM UTC (6:30 AM-9: 30 AM). This PUBG Update was done ✅ to bring some cool 😎 new exciting features to PUBG Mobile. We at GadgetTales updated to the latest version of PUBG in our tablets and played some games to have a look at the new features to describe them in this post. Let’s have a deeper look at these features.

PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0 New Features:

  • After downloading this latest update what You’ll see first is the Halloween 🎃 themed Welcome Screen/Dashboard.
  • In The Halloween inspired theme when you enter in the game you can pickup some Pumpkins 🎃 and candies 🍬 🍭 on Spawn Island to throw on the other players to interact while rehearsing before entering the battle ground.
  • Night mode is added in the Erangel Map. The map will alternate between night and day randomly in classic mode.
  • You can pickup Night Vision Goggles while playing in the night mode in PUBG Erangel Map. This will enable you to view the opponents clearly.
  • AKM will become a scarecrows– Enemies killed by hellfire.
  • Every time when a grenade explodes, a scary face appears.
  • Players now can earn candies in a Halloween lucky draw to get an exclusive vehicle 🚗 finishes.
  • Share for Deals (S4D): This cool new feature also added to the latest update. With this new feature you can get your friends to help you bargain, then you can get the item at a huge discount or even for free.
  • Customizable Outfits: Player can now customize their outfits by choosing the outfit colour before purchasing the item.
  • Crews: Crews are now limited to players.
  • Blue Zone: Blue Zone now covers the full map while in the last version blue zone was represented using a thin line of blue colour.
  • MAP: Map is now automatically switched to zoom in and zoom out while driving.
  • Crew Challenge: Crews can now be registered for this tournament by the leaders of the Crews.
  • Added new currency: Challenge Coin has been added as a new currency. Players can now use this new currency (Challenge Coin) in the Crew Challenge Shop.
  • Achievements: More categories have been added to the achievements. The players can now find more categories in the achievements.
  • Crates: Classic Crates has been added to the list of Crates. Tons of rare items can be found in classic crates.
  • Matching Players Profiles: PUBG Players Matchmaking System is now matching the teammates who speak the same language.
  • Advanced Room Cards: Advanced Room Cards enable room owners to set weapons, attachments, Playzone shrink speed and other parameters.

PUBG Weapons and Vehicles:

Some new weapons and vehicles are also added to the new PUBG Mobile Update 0.9.0. These weapons and vehicles can only be found in Sanhok Map. Now you would certainly have following questions in your mind:

  1. What are the new weapons added to the PUBG Mobile Latest Update?
  2. What are the new vehicles added to the PUBG Mobile Latest Update?

let’s find out the answers of the above questions:


QBU DMR gun added in this PUBG Mobile latest update and can only be found in Sanhok Map. QBU DMR fires 5.56mm rounds. It could be the upgraded version of QBZ Gun which is very popular among the players. QBZ also fires 5.56mm rounds. QBZ can still be found in Sanhok Map.

Rony Pickup Truck:

Rony Pickup Truck is the new vehicle which has been added to the latest PUBG Mobile Update. Rony Pickup Truck can only be found in the Sanhok map.

PUBG Improvements and Fixes:

Apart from the above-mentioned features, PUBG Developers have made some improvements and fixed some issues. Let’s have a look at these improvements and fixes.

  • Some stuttering and hanging issues have been resolved by PUBG Developers.
  • Some game-crashing issues have been resolved by PUBG Developers.
  • Some blurry screen issues have been resolved by PUBG Developers.
  • Matchmaking with the teammates has now been improved by PUBG developers. Finding a teammate should be faster now and players should reach their appropriate tiers more easily.

What is PUBG?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is a game which can be played in an online mode only. PUBG is a kind of a multiplayer battle royale game developed by PUBG Corporation. The game’s beta version was first released in March 2017 for Microsoft Windows on Steam and was fully released on December 20, 2017. PUBG can be played online with 99 other online players.

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