iOS 12 Review: the Best version of iOS ever?

ios 12 review

Tech giant Apple is known for its premium products in the technology industry. It is mainly known for its highly successful and popular lineup of mobile devices. The Apple iPhone and iPad are one of the most well-known tech products of the 21st century. These devices provide great hardware and a premium design. Apart from having great hardware, Apple devices are also highly popular due to the Apple ecosystem. A large part of this ecosystem is due to Apple’s mobile operating system, iOS. Not only that but due to iOS, iPhones, and iPads get frequent updates are highly efficient on the software sides of things.

Every year Apple introduces a new version of iOS with better and improved features. Not only these updates provide newer security patches but also add more functionality to Apple devices. This time around, Apple has recently launched the all new iOS 12 along with their new Apple iPhones of 2018. So today we are here with the review of brand new iOS 12, and we will take you through all of the new features that it provides to iPhone and iPad users. You can choose whether to update to the newer iOS version or not using this article.

What’s new in iOS 12?

Improved Performance and Notifications

One of the significant upgrades with iOS 12 is its internal changes which make it have better performance than any of the previous versions. With the new update doing tasks like opening apps, keyboard, camera, etc are much faster. This makes your device feel much smoother than before and also results in a much better battery life. Apart from that, iOS 12 also improves the notification system by introducing grouped notifications. This means that all of the notifications of one app will stay grouped unless you expand them. Not only that but you also get more options for changing the notification settings for a specific app.

Introducing Screen Time

Moving on just like Android Pie, iOS 12 now shows your phone usage in detail with a feature called Screen Time. This can help you in using smart devices for lesser time on an average and focus on other things instead. You can also set timers on specific apps after which you will get a warning in selected apps once you have used them for a fixed period of time. After you’ve run out of time, you can easily request more time from Screen Time so that you can continue using that app.

AR is the Future

With iOS 12 we also see better AR uses including the all-new ARKIT 2. This will provide better-augmented reality experience to the user. For example, Apple’s new app Measure allows you to measure the approximate dimension of whatever is in your camera frame. And this time around, Apple has finally listened to its users and included Google Maps and Waze in Apple Carplay. Other smaller improvements include things like group facetime which allow you to do group video calls with ease.

Is iOS 12 worth the Upgrade?

Even though iOS 12 is a recently launched operating system, it is mostly free of bugs since Apple develops it. And as you’re getting various useful features and upgrades, iOS 12 is definitely worth it. So, if you have an iOS 12 supported Apple device, then you should consider updating to iOS 12 right away. In case if you have any questions regarding iOS 12 then feel free to post your queries in the comment section below which will be answered ASAP. If you liked this article make sure to share it on social media as well as with your friends.

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